Anatomy of a Python Program

Let’s take a very quick look at a Python program that uses the GitHub Search API to display a list of popular repositories in three different programming languages, sorted by the amount of stars that they have.

A Python program for using the GitHub search API

A small Python program that uses the GitHub search API to list
the top projects by language, based on stars.

import requests


def create_query(languages, min_stars=50000):
    query = f"stars:>{min_stars} "

    for language in languages:
        query += f"language:{language} "

    # a sample query looks like: "stars:>50 language:python language:javascript"
    return query

def repos_with_most_stars(languages, sort="stars", order="desc"):
    query = create_query(languages)
    params = {"q": query, "sort": sort, "order": order}

    response = requests.get(GITHUB_API_URL, params=params)
    status_code = response.status_code

    if status_code != 200:
        raise RuntimeError(f"An error occurred. HTTP Code: {status_code}.")
        response_json = response.json()
        return response_json["items"]

if __name__ == "__main__":
    languages = ["python", "javascript", "ruby"]
    results = repos_with_most_stars(languages)

    for result in results:
        language = result["language"]
        stars = result["stargazers_count"]
        name = result["name"]

        print(f"-> {name} is a {language} repo with {stars} stars.")

Step by step

Expand this section to walk through the program step-by-step.

End Result

The end result looks something like this:

(env) $ python

-> freeCodeCamp is a JavaScript repo with 298046 stars.
-> bootstrap is a JavaScript repo with 131403 stars.
-> vue is a JavaScript repo with 130099 stars.
-> react is a JavaScript repo with 123969 stars.
-> d3 is a JavaScript repo with 82932 stars.
-> javascript is a JavaScript repo with 82514 stars.
-> react-native is a JavaScript repo with 74810 stars.
-> create-react-app is a JavaScript repo with 64725 stars.
-> awesome-python is a Python repo with 63693 stars.
... and more results

Don’t worry if you didn’t understand this code, we’ll be building this program in the workshop today.